Born into one of Pakistan’s most influential families, Tehmina Durrani was raised in the privileged milieu of Lahore high society and educated at the same school. Tehmina Durrani, a Pakistani English authoress, in her autobiography My Feudal Lord describes her traumatic marital life with Gulam Mustafa Khar, an important. 20 Jul Titled My Feudal Lord, and described on the cover of the Corgi edition With her politically explosive story to tell, Tehmina Durrani was in need.

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I can understand why this book was scandalous when it was first released. Maya Khan where art thou? Not worth your time is all I can say. He is gentle, honourable, and treats women with respect. It is tehmkna official document Abdul Sattar Edhi ‘s life and message. Durrani received Younus’ body draped in an Italian and a Pakistan flag. So Mustafa changes his potential strategy.

Upon reading the book though, Islam comes off as the junior partner in the oppression of Durrani. Published by Corgi first published Though what Tehmina suffered in a violent marriage is tragic and unfortunate, she comes across as a hypocrite. In her search for someone who was in touch with the problems of the common man, and who had found a solution, she found Pakistan’s most celebrated humanitarian, Abdul Sattar Edhi.

Tehmina and Khar got married after she divorced, but their honeymoon period turned bitter very quickly. I was reading somewhere that her she is now married to the current chief-minister of Punjab, Shahbaz Shareef, and that she influences many of his political decisions.

In queste pagine Un libro molto utile per conoscere la storia politica del Pakistan: Some 10 minutes into the session, she was interrupted by a commotion outside the hall by people who were not being allowed to enter. Anila i need this book. Living on the same patch of earth as the protagonist Tehmina DurraniI had huge expectations from her regarding boldness, maturity and courage. For the first time in her life she considers divorce but realizes that she might have to forgo her right over her daughter.

I can’t say I liked this book or I hated it, it’s someone’s life after all and I don’t think I have the right to declare it ‘good’or’ bad’ based on this book. You see a woman transform into a much stronger,more stable person who eventually gets away from all of it.

It also exposes the Indian Political System. He has no alternative except durrxni and so he controls his temper. So if some exaggeration is necessary to jolt the reader’s sensibility to the horror and helplessness of a woman utterly trapped in a foul marriage, then I am glad it was done: The book lacks sincerity.

Unexplored Territory Moving On.

There is no reason to suppose that this is a peculiarly Pakistani or Muslim problem. Seeing that she left her first daughter to marry her feudal lord, she doesn’t come off as such a devoted and loving mother for me to buy that argument. As she tells him in the presence of all: Durrani made headlines in again, when she tied the knot — for the third time lodd with Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif.

She kord blames her younger sister for ruining her marriage.

After this warning, Tehmina remains with her husband and visits India with a diplomatic mission. Tehmina Durrani, author of My Feudal Lordwhich speaks of an abusive marriage to a former governor and chief minister of the Punjab, was speaking on the last tebmina of the Lahore Literary Festival, first public appearance in 12 years.

My Feudal Lord by Tehmina Durrani

As her sisters looked on from the front row, Durrani stated how the real consequences were borne by her family, especially her parents. Was that judgement reached by the author not giving any facts?

This book told me, more than anything, that it’s easier said than done. I had watched this tv show “mera Saeen” which is loosely based on this novel, feural I had an idea what the book was about.

Tehmina Durrani

Ms Durrani in this book is less upset of logd Khar fooled the people he claimed to udrrani, she is The book was an eye opener into lives and mentality of feudal lords, however what was quite obvious is that Ms Durrani is no saint as she expects people to conclude to, She herself was a debauchee, admitted to splurging the tenmina without caring where it came from, admiring the two facedness of her double standard husband who really didnt feuudal about the masses while pretending to be their saviour.

Before starting this book, my expectations were not very high. The Ultimate Nightmare of a Pakistani Woman: But I appreciate the effort of Tehmina Durrani of writing this book and ‘breaking the tradition of silence’ as Tehmina herself has said. Mustafa, a Bhutto loyalist now falls from grace in the new regime and along with Tehminagoes to London via Mecca. He beats the pregnant Tehmina brutally.

View all 13 comments. Then what makes this book so interesting? But apart from that, this is a very average, and real story of domestic abuse which not enough people talk about. Ms Durrani in this book is less upset of how Khar fooled the people he claimed to represent, she is more upset how he abused her individually, while abusing a woman is in itself inexcusable, what is notable is that did enjoy the priveleges associated with the life of a powerful man’s wife gets you.

The last straw comes after Tehmina becomes pregnant again and unforseen circumstances compel her to visit a male doctor. A sensational bestseller and a much talked about book when it was published. In deudal opinion she was equally responsible m not innocent at all.

She must be a fool,” we all say in judgement. I agree with Piyush Verma – the book lacks sincerity. Feueal says she found another way of expressing and conveying her feelings through art, in addition to writing. Tehmina was badgered and was declared inadequate by the womanly standards of her mother. The atrocities that happen on the protagonist are monstrous.