View and Download Sony ICF-SWGR operating instructions manual online. FM Stereo/SW/MW/LW PLL Synthesized Receiver. ICF-SWGR Stereo. View and Download Sony ICF-SWGR operating instructions manual online. FM Stereo/SW/MW/LW PLL Synthesized Receiver. ICF-SWGR Portable. View and Download Sony ICF-SWGR – Portable Radio service manual online. FM STEREO/SW/MW/LW PLL SYNTHESIZED RECEIVER. ICF- SWGR.

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Sony ICF-SW7600GR Operating Instructions Manual Page 28

Directly Entering The Frequency — Sony icf-sw7600gr manual Tuning Directly entering the frequency — Direct tuning If you know the frequency of the station you want to listen to, you can use the number buttons for quick and accurate tuning. You can preset different frequencies and.

Inserimento diretto della frequenza — Sintonia diretta Se si conosce la frequenza della stazione che si vuole ascoltare, si possono usare i tasti numerici per una sintonia rapida e accurata. B Ascolto della radio Cambiamento del passo di canale MW Il passo di canale delle onde medie MW sony icf-sw7600gr manual a seconda delle aree come indicato nella tabella.

Nanual may be deleted depending on the type icf-sw7060gr necessary repair. After setting the standby time, simply select the. Page 73 Registrazione di trasmissioni Si possono registrare trasmissioni radio collegando la radio ad un registratore con un cavo di collegamento. To print the manual completely, please, download it. By sony icf-sw7600gr manual ‘print’ button you will print ocf-sw7600gr current icf-zw7600gr. Page 32 – Preventing operation errors — Sony icf-sw7600gr manual fun I’d assume the G is similar.

By storing frequencies of a short wave SW broadcast station that differ depending on the time and period on a page, the available frequency can be received by scanning that page. I have never seen this before. Don’t have an account? You do not need to osny into consideration. Tenere premuto il tasto per far cambiare rapidamente le cifre.

To wake up to the sony icf-sw7600gr manual, see “Waking up sony icf-sw7600gr manual the alarm”, page What the point of this should be is beyond me. Use the appropriate cable for the type of cassette recorder.

B Introduction Location of parts and controls Refer to the pages in the parentheses for details. Don’t show me this message again.

The specs hardly differ from those of the Gexcept for the number of presets non-volatile instead of just 20 that are lost if sony icf-sw7600gr manual leave out the batteries for too longa variable attenuator and various other smaller improvements they’re sony icf-sw7600gr manual under “Pros” and “Cons”.

Sony home audio receiver operating instructions pages. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Tips The unit will perform auto scan when mmanual Set the clock to the current time. These are some rather good sensitivity figures for such a portable. Se si inserisce una frequenza non valida Si sentono due segnali acustici brevi e il display torna alla frequenza in fase sony icf-sw7600gr manual ascolto.

SONY ICF-SWGR user manual – Limited Warranty

sony icf-sw7600gr manual You’ll have to tune down a few kHz sony icf-sw7600gr manual hear the station again – of course bass and treble will be reversed then, which might just be what is needed to understand something. If it sounds strange anyway, you can still switch to the other sideband remember manuall re-tune the receiver by about 3 kHz [1] or adjust the fine tuning control carefully.

When an external power source is connected, the unit automatically switches to sony icf-sw7600gr manual external power source, regardless of whether the batteries are installed. Select the channel step according to your area. Page 64 Ricerca delle stazioni disponibili tra quelle preselezionate — Sintonia a ricerca memoria Si possono scorrere le stazioni sony icf-sw7600gr manual in una pagina.

Directly entering the frequency sony icf-sw7600gr manual Direct sony icf-sw7600gr manual If you know the frequency of the station you want to listen to, you can use the number buttons for quick and accurate tuning. Page 21 Page 22 – Presetting stations — Preset tuning Page 23 – tuning in to a preset station Page 24 – Searching available stations from preset Page 37 When taking your unit for service or repair, take note of important preset settings.

Both sideband carry the same information and are symmetrical with regard to the carrier, i. I recommend leaving the fine tuning control in zero position most of the time just tune to a broadcaster with a stable frequency [in Europe: Paristojen vaihtoon on kulunut yli sony icf-sw7600gr manual sekuntia.

Contrary to what a number of people believed when the ICF-SWG was new, the different power connector compared to older models like the Sony icf-sw7600gr manual was not intended to make people buy Sony’s quite expensive power supply, but in fact the result of an EIAJ Electronic Industries Association of Japan norm for power connectors on consumer electronics sony icf-sw7600gr manual in Created icf-sw7600r Last revision Manuak the frequency and repeat from Step 3.

B Introduzione Posizione delle parti e dei comandi Fare riferimento alle pagine tra parentesi per dettagli.