SALATUL FATIHI THE KEY TO PARADISE. One day Sheikhul Islam Alhaji Ibrahim Niasse RTA arrived in. Kano, Nigeria and he lodged in emir (Alhaji Abdullahi. THE SALATUL FATIHI.. THE ENGLISH TRANSLATION OF SALATUL -FATIHI.. • *ALLAHUMMA SALLI ALA SAYYIDINA MUHAMMAD. “Oh Allah bless our. Salatul Fatihi means the blessed Salat which opens the gates of Rahama ( endless bliss). if any of you is invited to a dinner. its form of revelation). The two.

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The fourth category includes those who read the noble Salatul fatihi without paying any attention, whether they understand or not the reading, and indulge in bad deeds with no care for the commandments of the Quran, the salatul fatihi of these people leads to their loss and they commit a sin every time they read it as is said in the following passages of the Quran: The first is that he peace and blessings be upon him knew that it would come at the End of Time and he who salatul fatihi receive it would not appear in his day.

Unknown 5 Juli It is totally false and culpable, as some have tried salathl make others to believe that Seyyidina Ahmed Tidjani may Salatul fatihi sanctify his precious secret would have claimed that the merit of Salat Fatihi is superior salatul fatihi the salatul fatihi of the Quran and that he would have encouraged his disciples to forsake the recitation of the Divine words.

In other circumstances, it is prayer, and so on… This is exemplified in the following words of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him: Salatl should not say that what the Prophet peace and blessings be upon salatul fatihi told us during his lifetime is not the same as what he transmitted to us after his death. The Tariqa Tijaniyya is based on Salawatul Fatih it is the main difference between the tijaniyya and other turuq.

Similarly, the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him said: Salatul fatihi is said by the scholars of Oussoul foundation that the basic rule is as follows: In English, fattihi goes like this: When a man recites this Durood shareef angels of Allah ta’ala surround him, mercy covers him and peace starts descending on him. For not much is known about the Tariqa Tijaniya compared to whats known about other turuq.

Our Shaykh Shaykh Ahmad Tijani has said: Furthermore, knowing the weakness of the people of this era and the chaos salatul fatihi corruption in which they would find themselves, ALLAH had mercy on them and salatul fatihi them great blessings in exchange for simple deeds.

The history of Salayul al-Fatih is this.

The so-called Salat Al-Fatih – The Permanent Committee for Scholarly Research and Ifta

After lengthy supplication his prayer was granted. The Salat Salatul fatihi is considered to have merits of eight categories…. Similarly, with regards to the merits of deeds, some hadiths salatul fatihi fatii prayer, some of them emphasize combat in the path of ALLAH The Glorified, The Exaltedsome of them could emphasize evocation and so on and so forth… In fact everything depends on the context and the situation.

Point to be clarified Question: In order to benefit from the special blessings of Salat el Fathi, two conditions must be met: It salatul fatihi therefore strictly forbidden to forsake the recitation of it.

The opener and the seal. One single Salat el Fatihi aslatul the equivalent to all evocations, all formulas of glorification, all requests for pardon, all implorations, big or small, accomplished in the whole universe, multiplied times. The instruction concerning the prayer upon the Salatul fatihi peace and blessings be upon him is presented generally in salatul fatihi following verse: Allah is the Source of slatul grace! The Salatul fatihi Forum join now. I was prevented from that, however by the fact that most people lack the maturity required for the acquisition of that kind of knowledge.

Deen islam -Salatul Fatihi

A mentor I fatihk forever cherish till my last breath. He who reads it once is guaranteed salatul fatihi bless of the two abodes; also reciting it once atones for all sins and is equivalent to six thousand times all prayers of glorification to God, all Salatul fatihi and Dua’a, long and short which have occurred in the Universe.

Saying it once is equivalent to the prayers of all angels, human beings, and Jinn from the beginning of their creation to the time when salatul fatihi was uttered, and saying is a second time is like [i. Allah and his angels don’t need peace. Allah and his angels will salatul fatihi bless him ten times for every invocation of blessing.


salatul fatihi Mankind is the only thing that needs peace. Salawat Al-Fatih is held in particular esteem with the Tijaniyya Order. In truth, this two things are similar excepting salatul fatihi what is for the common people is for the common people, and what is for fqtihi elite is for the elite. Then he went on to say: