Published the Product Information / Power Train Related Parts Information of NIPPON PISTON RING CO., LTD. NPR of Europe GmbH – Our precission parts are being used successfully across the globe. Check your piston rings RS4/6 – Piston ring sets Newsletter. RS4 Piston Ring Sets. Einleitung. Seite der Firma NPR of Europe GmbH. Further to the products in this catalogue NPR of Europe’s sales department has.

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In here Tochigi plant, “Piston rings” “Assembly type sintered cam shafts””Rocker arms”, and “Metal injected parts”,etc. As an indispensable partner for not only Japanese but also for global automotive manufacturers, Nippon Piston Nippon piston ring catalog Co.

To improve those problems, with applying less-wearing materials and materials or methods do-not-attack do not nippon piston ring catalog wearing the opponents, at the same time in pisgon for environments, we provide products which features reduction of wears, noises, fuel consumptions, and exhaust emissions.

By having the Control Center a division of logistics in Tochigi plant, we are also playing a roll of collecting all products manufactured at our two group companies, NPS Fukushima Works Co. Timing Chain, Chain Guide. Riken manufactures piston rings that operate as critical, functional nippon piston ring catalog in an internal combustion engine.

Riken Corporation was founded in Japan in Moreover, in order to enhance their wear resistance and durability, they also undergo various surface treatments including nitriding and PVD treatment.

Nippon piston ring catalog Riken is helping its vehicle manufacturer customers develop environmentally friendly vehicles by providing a variety of piston rings that are designed and produced with advanced engineering and technology.

The engine consist of diverse parts which create frictions while matching each other, and may leads to an uncompleted combustion. We have an impression that many Tochigi people have a good personality and friendliness. Additionally, we are helping for the improvements for better town life by participating local events such as “Himawari festival” cosponsored by Nogi Town Factories Association, and cleaning of the road from the plant to Nogi station where many employees are commuting nippon piston ring catalog day.

Nippon piston ring catalog you are interested, let’s work together in our company by enjoying “Monozukuri” and “Kirarito hikaru- Machizukuri” enlightening for creation of town life together with local community.

Comments for the People in Tochigi. Now that engines are required to be more compact, lighter, and more sophisticated in performance, the choice of piston ring materials has been widened to include steel in addition to the traditional cast nippon piston ring catalog.


A piston ring must have both spring-like tension and the properties to become a true circle when closed. Engines for environmentally friendly vehicles operate under conditions that are continually more demanding and require components and parts that embody the highest level of technology.

In considering to help the local community, we invite pupils and nippin from elementary and junior high schools for plant tours, nippon piston ring catalog accept an internship for high school and university students. Few large-sized natural disasters, a good access of infrastructure of roads nippon piston ring catalog rails, and further Nogi Town is located in the southern part of Tochigi where can be communed not only in Tochigi, but also from noppon part of Saitama, Gunma, and Ibaraki prefectures, are among the merits we are recognizing.

NPR products are used in all kind of engines with high quality backed up by proven technology and abundant lineup. This is our company’s strength.

Nippon Piston Ring Co., Ltd., Tochigi Plant

Contributing Local Community In considering to help the cataolg community, we invite pupils and students from elementary and junior high schools for plant tours, and accept an internship for high school and university students.

Our main business is manufacturing and sales of production and replacement parts, for automobile and land and marine engines in domestic and overseasnippon piston ring catalog such functional engine parts as piston rings, cylinder liners, and valve mechanical parts. The heart of any vehicle is its engine. We also actively employ handicapped persons by communicating with Kokubunji Support School and Employment Nippn Center.

By utilizing our unique nippon piston ring catalog, such as Tribology technologies anti-friction, wear-resistant developed during the 76 piton of an exclusive manufacturer of internal combustion engine’s parts, we are providing safe and environment friendly products.