The scale is composed of 24 items divided into 2 subscales, 13 concerning performance anxiety, and 11 pertaining to social situations. 26 Mar The Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale (LSAS) was the first evaluation The score equal to or greater than 32 is suggested as a cutoff score for the. 24 Mar The Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale (LSAS) is a widely used The original LSAS model implied by the scoring instructions yields seven.

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Self-reported expression of embarrassment in five European cultures. Edited by Axelby CP. Support Center Support Center.

Results Characterization of the sample The sociodemographic characterization of the sample, according to the clinical groups, scoriing shown in Table 2.

Considering the area encountered under the ROC curve, this was excellent in all three analyzes, being slightly lower between the SC and NC groups. Columbia University Medical Center, n.

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Perspect psychiatr C46 4: Primarily, in order to perform an initial screening for potential cases of SAD, a total of participants were evaluated in the classroom, where they responded to the Mini-SPIN. J Affect Disord3: Introduction Social Anxiety Disorder SAD is characterized by a strong and persistent fear of social situations which could cause embarrassment. Receiver operating characteristic methods and psychiatry.

Psychol Rep93 7: Discussion Considering the area encountered under the ROC curve, this was excellent in all three analyzes, being slightly lower between the SC and NC groups.

To compare the groups, according to sociodemographic and clinical data, the chi-square test and ANOVA were used. Method Participants The sample was composed of university students, of both genders, aged between 18 and 35 years. The Local Ethics Committee does not authorize public disclosure due to ethical restrictions.

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Nova Science Publishers; The self-report version of the Scale has been lieboowitz tested on the Spanish population, with results high in validity and reliability. Scores in this range often are accompanied by great distress and difficulty in social functioning, and are also commonly seen in persons entering treatment for the generalized type of SAD.

Am J Psychiatry Despite the specific sample used in this study being composed only of university students, the use of the LSAS-SR can be indicated, in the Brazilian setting, for SAD screening in both clinical and research contexts. PLosOne8 7: Views Read Edit View history.

The scale is composed of 24 items, scored on a Likert-type scale of four points, on two subscales related to the fear and the avoidance of different social situations experienced in the previous week.

According to the fourth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM-IVSAD can be classified as generalized when the individual feels fear in almost all social situations, for example, speaking in public, going to parties, or participating in small groups.

The 24 items are xcale rated on a Likert Scale from 0 to 3 on fear felt during the situations, and then the same items are rated scorng avoidance of the situation.

It is interesting to highlight that the LSAS-SR, in addition to being sensitive for the discrimination of the participants of the C and NC groups, was able to differentiate the C group from the SC group, while not directly addressing the issue of functional impairments, a key factor for this classification [ 2 ]. In many cases, individuals who are affected by SAD avoid these kinds of situations, which is related to social impairment.

Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale: These additional four subscales are: Behav Res Ther40 6: Previous studies differ in relation to the best cutoff to be used, possibly due to the samples and the cultural contexts in which the studies were performed. Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science.

Data were coded and entered manually into a database and the statistical program SPSS version The Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale as a self-report instrument: Social phobia in Brazilian university students: