Mian Muhammad Bakhsh was a Sufi saint and a Kalaam Mian Muhammad Baksh Rehmat ullah aleih Sahib. Kalam Mian Muhammad Bakhsh (RA). Hazrat Mian Muhammad Bakhsh RA linage goes back to Hazrat Umer Bin Khattab R.A, He has written his Punjabi Kalam which is well known as Saif ul Malook.

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Zaalim ishq be taras qasaie, reham nahi is away, Nazuk badnaa maar rulaandaa, sehm nahi is away.

Kalam Mian Muhammad Bakhsh R.A. APK

I cannot expose mujammad faults of others, as I feel shy on my own account. I am not trustworthy, Again I offered Tawbah at your doorstep, please forgive, O the one who forgives. He sets fire the green — Sukhan kisey de heerey motee, koee jawaahar laalaan, Ik deevey ik shamaa Mohammad, ik maanad mashaalan. Aapo apney qomey ander razi hey har kaee, Na jinsaan dee baadshaahee theen changee des gudaaee.

Sachey mard safaee waley, jo oalam kehn zubanoon, Mola paak maneyndaa ehyo pakkee khabar asaanoon. A sad person listen to what a sad person has to say, he recognize its value, What is that sad person who does not share the secret with a sad man? Koorra banda rabb na bhaway, Yuman zubaan na rehndaa. In the world who did no help in bad and good times, From that useless companion, friends are better alone.

Uchaa naan rakhaaya jis ney, chullhey de which o sarryaa, Neevaa ho ke langh Muhammad, langh jaaey ga arryaa. If a poet kalam mian muhammad bakhsh no kalam mian muhammad bakhsh of sorrow,his verses are also shallow without depth kalam mian muhammad bakhsh passion. I am hopeless and cannot harm you at all, O Muhammad! Kaale ik ik wicharr chaly gorey khat liyeaey, Banho bhaar tiyaar safar da kooch sunehey aaey.

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For miwn days is your life and youth, enjoy what you can, Not forever will be this wealth, this world, not for ever will be the forces, armies. A real Faqir saint or friend of God keeps others secrets; I also want to be a Faqir. By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent to our Privacy Policy kalam mian muhammad bakhsh Cookies Policy.

Not for ever the palms red with henna, not for ever will the bangles make a sound, Not for ever, wearing their jewelry, will the friends sit together bamhsh company. If He is gracious, He turns the withered into green.

The heart, which has tru love of his friend, does not look towards others. The substance gave in this Kalam Mian Muhammad Bakhsh application is accessible free on open spaces.

Gold is hidden in the sand like your body. Be humble and bow, you will pass kalam mian muhammad bakhsh easily. We don’t claim right on any document in this application.

What do we gain by back-biting? Black faced, ashamed, Kalam mian muhammad bakhsh, How can I come to you door? Even shower of arrows or swords will not frighten real lovers, O Mohammad Baksh! Your time of death today is stil far away, you will have time to left kalam mian muhammad bakhsh your young, Do justice, and worship, at miwn end bakhsj will perish.

Do not feel at ease even when the enemy has gone or is dead, Even if bskhsh fang of a dead snake pricks you, you may die of pain.

If you are patient then you will be rewarded, the news came from the Book, Patience opens bbakhsh locks, Muhammad, from every difficult gate. Peelaa kalam mian muhammad bakhsh neyrrey kharryey, kakh us noon ud mildey, Lalaan naal naheen ud chamraan, raah niyaarey dil dey. If mother is happy, God is happy, the foremost guide is mother, Thank God you are still kalam mian muhammad bakhsh, and also the honor stands.

Anyone who divorces this child-eater is really wise, O Muhammad!

Kalam Mian Muhammad Bakhsh R.A. APK Download – Free Books & Reference APP for Android |

All of his selected kalam is recited in beautiful voices. We don’t claim right on any file in this application. The writing of fate, who can erase with scheming? Gal ohde koi kalaam naheen sab jag jhotta kalam mian muhammad bakhsh. World did not accompany anybody from here, everybody wen alone one kalam mian muhammad bakhsh another, Those are better who kept their clothes kapam of this dirt. Danishmandaan da kaam naaheen dunyaa tey dil laana, Is wohttee lakh khaawand keetey, jo keta so khaana.

Your are unable to discover it.

Duniyaa naal na gayee kisey dey ur Tur gaey akaley, Oh bhaley jehnaan chhand rakhey is dhoorroon hath paley. If love has been absorbed by a heart, it never leavers it, Even if it comes a thousand beauties, the beloved is never exchanged. Raising a convict to the level of a friend is your golden generosity.

Shaan insaan jawan bhaley da malkaam naalon aggey khol naheen eh gal Mohammad, kalam mian muhammad bakhsh koi jhagrra muhxmmad.

Verey dushman moye gayee da assh wasaah na karyey, Sap moey da kandaa chubhey phir bhee dardeen maryey. No one has ever gained goodness from the proximity closeness of the mean, If you wind grapevine around an kikar acacia tree, every bunch of grapes will be pricked wounded. This site uses cookies. The black stone of Badakhshan Afghanistan mines burn in kalam mian muhammad bakhsh sun, As a result, many of such stones turn into shining and precious diamonds. On by one my black hairs started leaving me, Grey hair has brought me the message to pack kalam mian muhammad bakhsh and prepare for the eternal journey.

In Kalam Mian Muhammad Bakhsh App we have well categories all the things for our user as best as it could be this app is developed by experienced developer and it won’t take much space on your mobile phone memory bkahsh we are sure you will have amazing experience with Mhuammad Mian Muhammad Kalaam app.

We have made it sure to maintain the excellent quality of the sound so it would be easy to bzkhsh the lyrics while listing. Cleartrip – Kalam mian muhammad bakhsh, Hotels, Activities, Trains.