18 Aug Minish Woods. Return to the Elder’s house and he’ll open a path for you to leave the forest quickly. Your next destination is Mount Crenel to. Espada Cuádruple Aparece en Four Swords Four Swords Adventures The Minish Cap Encontrado en Four Swords: Santuario de la Espada Cuádruple Four . Download Guía Zelda The Minish Cap apk and all version history for Android. Game Guide The Minish Cap of the Zelda series.

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Guía Zelda The Minish Cap APK

On the right side, pull the statue out one square and then walk around the statue. The elder will mark the guoa of the four elements on your map, one of which is located just north of minisn we spoke with Festari. You can bomb the wall between the rocks. Inside The Deku Tree 2. The battle continues with this same pattern and it will take 16 sword slashes to its heart to defeat it. He’ll tell you to exit west and go to the mine for the next element, so talk to the Minish blocking the west door and exit.

Guia zelda minish cap to train, and you learn your first sword technique, the Spin Attack. You can do this multiple times and each round is harder than the last. Afterwards mijish southward to enter the Eastern Hills. These creatures will come up from underground and stack guia zelda minish cap on top of each other.

Castor Wilds

Use the control pad to float over to the other whirlwind, then land on the ledge to the left you can hit R to stop floating.

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Use the gust jar to grab onto the mushroom and fling yourself over to the left side of the room. Check it and it will shatter, revealing some kind of symbol on the ground.

If you can afford it, buy the bigger wallet from Stockwell’s shop. Walk around the room and defeat the several sluggula that are found here.

The Sand Realm Exit the building and return to the blue roofed building at guia zelda minish cap northeast part of the village. You can go to Anju who’s standing in front of her cucco pen.

After enough damage has been done, the chuchu will begin jumping more frequently around the room.

Journey to Mt. Crenel – Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap Walkthrough

Lift up the pots here to get some recovery hearts and then use the big key to open the door. Inside this cave, guia zelda minish cap the maze, defeating the flying Pestos, until you reach a chest with a blue Kinstone piece inside. Other stuff can happen too. Crenel because you’ll be getting lots of the red and blue Kinstone guia zelda minish cap you need in the dungeon there.

Go into the Minish path here and beat the Pestos near the beginning. However, you can’t beat the last few rounds equipped as you are now. Just walk northward to enter the Minish Village.

Tower of Hera 5. Walk to the top of the room and push the block to the left, allowing you to pass through. Link will eat it, which now allows him to understand the words of the Minish. You can catch a fairy in guia zelda minish cap bottle if you die it will revive you but you’ll need that bottle for more water, so don’t put a fairy in it yet. You’re more likely to do the last ones guia zelda minish cap Mt.

Once they’re gone, use the mushroom to get across. In the cave, suck the masks off the monsters to make them vulnerable and beat them, then go down and left.

The Snake Level 5: Keep going left, and jump down from the ledge at the far end. There are several puffstools found in this room, so try to avoid them.