Friends Not Masters, a Political Autobiography [President of Pakistan Mohammad Ayub Khan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Friends Not Masters A Political Autobiography [Mohammad Ayub KHAN] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Friends Not Masters A Political. Friends Not Masters: A Political Autobiography. Pp. x PDF download for MOHAMMAD AYUB KHAN. Friends Article has an altmetric score of 1 No Access.

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If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in. About Mohammad Ayub Khan. It was a curious phenomenon. Abdullah Khan rated it liked it Jan 21, A great deal of correspondence on this subject had been going on between G.

I have tried to keep the narrative candid and objective, concen- friehds on problems and events rather than on personalities. I was extremely angry and decided to retaliate quickly and severely. This raised expectations to unwarranted heights. Hussain Iftikhar rated it liked it Jan 20, But about that I shall have more to say later. It was necessary to locate some units near Dacca so that they might be available to act in support of the civil authority.

People had fast lost their initial enthusiasm and found themselves surrounded by problems, with no one to attend to them. He sat for bis examination regularly and when I saw him he had already failed nine times.

These elections were promised for November There was no army. The One Unit BiU was intended to put an end to all this and to enable the whole of West Pakistan to develop and progress on a uniform pattern. Instead of taking the whole thing in a sporting spirit, he chased me about and for a couple of years I had a difficult time. When the cease-fire was called wc had to ayuub and guard nearly miles of the line along extremely difficult terrain.

Very little was being done to redress the grievances of the police force and I knew that I did not have enough strength to deal with any large-scale disturbances.

Friends, Not Masters

It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, hy education by publishing worldwide. The army had no pay or pension code and all the perquisites available in the army for long and meritorious senice had been taken away by the government. They had not bargained for this, so they pacified me by declaring that I was one of them and there was no need to create trouble.

In the morning the Assembly met as a Constitution-making body, an hour before its scheduled time, and revoked Sccdons masers, io, io-a, io-b, and 17 of the Government of India Act, thus stripping the Governor-General of the powers in exercise of wliich lie had dismissed the Nazimuddin Cabinet. They were all busy destroying one another. Trouble was brewing and finally brokeout in Aybu on 13 July lhan Perhaps he was discouraged by the reception accorded to the Report of the first Basic Principles Com- mittee.

When senseless killing started at the time of partition, communal feelings among the ranks did run high. Had I succumbed to the temptation the course of history might well have been different.

Friends Not Masters: A Political Autobiography

It was along and difficult struggle spread over several years, but in the end we were able to develop an agile and effective army capable of meeting any challenge. They were hoping to form a separate State of their ovra after driving out the Muslims from Sikh areas.

I thought the best way to avoid all the gossip was to take some leave. The prestige of the army had received a grievous blow. On one was written something to this effect: My Commanding Officer led the home forces.

In those days anyone coming from a subject race was regarded as an inferior human being and tliis I found terribly galling. She then involved us in Uic struggle for Kashmir.

He had a sensitive and understanding mind and I always found great mental satisfaction in his company. The new middle class in the province began nursing a grievance against their West Pakistani com- patriots. Together we smuggled die Ciiicf Minister out through the kitchen. I wondered at how callous, cold-blooded, and selfish people could be. In the end all that this Force could do was to try and keep the roads clear for the refugees.

Full text of “Friends Not Masters A Political Autobiography By President Ayub Khan”

Since then I have been going over it and revising it from time to time. The commanders, right down the chain, were given the responsibility for the training of their commands. The Pakistan Army was in truth being held together by precious little.

Wc moved into Burma and were soon involved in heavy fighting as wc crossed the Chindwin river and advanced to the Irrawaddy. In this she considers Pakistan as her enemy number one.

Finally, one September night in1 was rung up by an officer of the Ministry of Defence and informed that I had been selected as the next Commander-in-Chief. His conditions of service should be secure and he must have adequate incentives for work. Suhrawardy was a complex character, a man who loved the gay life of night-clubs and had tremendous energy and drive.

In those days the Army would buy young horses from zemindars and my father kept a string of them.