Does anyone know the current reputation of the author Inazo Nitobe Am among From there, I decided to read Bushido: The Soul of Japan by Nitobe Inazo. : Bushido: The Soul of Japan (): Inazo Nitobe: Books. Bushido: The Soul of Japan (The Way of the Warrior Series) [Inazo Nitobe] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A century ago, when Japan.

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As many of my Goodreads friends know, I have a keen interest in Japan, although I’ve never really read into its’ history or the philosophical foundations on which it developed, at least to be what it was prior to significant Western influence.

After this first ceremony of adoptio per arma, he was no more to be seen outside his father’s gates without this badge of his status, even though it was usually substituted for everyday wear by a gilded wooden dirk.

Was a short book but not the easiest book to read or understand. But what happened in Nitobe’s lifetime, that he mentions a bit, bushjdo how Commodore Perry transformed Japan simply by opening up Japan to capitalism and western trade.

Bushido: The awakening of Japan’s modern identity

It itches a little, that’s all; it won’t endanger life. It’s a bit like somebody trying to prove the existence of the Christian god using bishido the Bible as evidence; to accept the veracity of the ‘evidence’ you have to already have accepted the existence of what you’re trying to prove.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. A fine stylist in English, he wrote many books in that language, which earned him a place among the best known Japanese writers of his age.

It was in that Japan promulgated its first modern Constitution, one that consciously imitated the inaz of 19th-century European states.

Nitobe himself was born inso he was eight years old when feudalism was abolished, and ten when the carrying of swords was forbidden. Second, Nitobe’s sources are a bit suspect. Here we may profitably devote a few paragraphs to the subject of the training and position of woman.

The Soul of Japan is a book written by Inazo Nitobe exploring the way of the samurai.

Bushido: The Soul of Japan. A Classic Essay on Samurai Ethics

Japan had only just emerged from its isolation, and not only was its culture strange to the Western world, but most societies were much less multicultural than they are now, so people were less likely to have encountered a culture other than their own. The abuse sometimes went so far as to try the acquired bjshido on some harmless creature’s neck.

It was written in In fact, it was origin This book is short, and accessibly written provided you view ordinary late nineteenth-century writing as accessible. Inazo Nitobe’s book give us an accounting of the virtue practiced by the samuraithe warrior class of feudal Japan. Based on names I came across in this book, I have a list of biographies I want to look for now: Top Reviews Most bushidp Top Reviews.

See 1 question about Bushido…. The merchants were able to buy power, just as the merchant classes that troublesome fourth estate gained power in England, and other European states, who eventually went on to found the United States itself.

Third, Nitobe’s expertise in not in Japanese cultural studies, but in western literature and philosophy. When men’s fowls and dogs are lost, they know to seek for them again, but they lose their mind and do not know to seek for it. Except for the works of Kung Fu Tzu, Lao Tzu, and a few ones pertaining to Zen leadership, Eastern Philosophy is something that is oft taken for granted. A Quaker, Nitobe draws heavily on the sayings of Confucius and the writings of Mencius to provide a holistic understanding of the worldview of the warrior society that dominated Japan from around to CE.

Bushido by Inazo Nitobe | : Books

The stories used to explain the ethos of Bushido are no more than anecdotal evidence, handed down in the form of myths and bedtime stories. The writing style of the book is beautiful.

On the one hand, he delved into the indigenous traditions, into Buddhism, Shintoism, Confucianism and the moral guidelines handed down over hundreds of years by Japan’s samurai and sages. Read it Forward Read it first.

It’s a relatively imazo book with a lot of depth.

Bushido: The Soul of Japan. A Classic Essay on Samurai Ethics by Inazo Nitobe

Tokyo, Mazuren company, Ltd. I’d still say this book is of value even reading now and a lot of the psyche and practice comparisons throughout the book between the West and Japanese are relevant to this day. A Japanese movie or TV show generally brings one or two of those to mind, but reading this Bushido book really gets to the heart of the Japanese matter.

He then compares and contrasts Eastern values with those present in Western societies. Predatin There are times when Bushido: Written at the turn of the century, Inazo Nitobe’s book is very much a product of its time and tells the modern reader almost as much about the time in which it was written as it does of feudal Japan.

So it was there that I decided to look bushodo one country somewhere in the Northeast Pacific—Japan. Nov 24, Richard Knight rated it liked it. It was a momentous occasion for him when at the age of five he was apparelled in the paraphernalia of samurai costumes placed upon a go-board[1] and initiated into the rights of the military professions nitoge having thrust into his girdle a real sword instead of the toy dirk with which he had been playing.

The Soul of Japan is a powerful presentation and a moving book with ideas as relevant today as they were years ago.