Marc Yor used to say that “Bessel processes are everywhere”. Partly in [13] J. Pitman, M. Yor, Bessel processes and infinitely divisible laws. BESSEL PROCESSES AND INFINITELY DIVISIBLE LAWS by. Jim PITMAN and Marc YOR (n). 1. INTRODUCTION. In recent years there has been a renewed. Theorem (Lévy–Khintchine formula) A probability law µ of a real- . To conclude our introduction to Lévy processes and infinite divisible distribu- tions, let us .. for x ∈ R where α,δ > 0, β ≤ |α| and K1(x) is the modified Bessel function of.

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Infinitely Divisible Laws Associated with Hyperbolic Functions

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CJM: Infinitely Divisible Laws Associated with Hyperbolic Functions

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Theory and numerical analysis for exact distribution of functionals of a Dirichlet process.

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Their diviskble citations are counted only for the first article. Infinitely divisible laws associated with hyperbolic functions.

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