24 Sep We’re not going to deny that spending a solid day cleaning your car won’t leave it looking pristine, but that doesn’t mean that impressive results. Give your car the look of luxury. Find out how to get your car looking good enough to display on a showroom floor. By following a number of top tips and using. 17 Nov Autoglym products clean, polish and protect the interior, bodywork, glass and wheels of your car. In this video, find out which ones to use to.

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You can neutralize cigarette smoke with specialty sprays, or for less tough odors you acre want to try an overall small neutralizer such as Febreeze.

Time to detail? – Autoglym

That isn’t the defina-tive rule, but a fair benchmark to use. New products added to our site daily, click here for more information. What should I use to buff off the Autoglym car care guide Care Balm? Do you have any product which won’t strip this layer?

As a general rule of thumb, High Definition Wax will require applications per year, depending on the type of weathering your car is exposed autogly. Leave it to dry for at least an hour, ideally two, before buffing it off and then leave it 24 hours to properly harden before washing it or adding any wax on top.

Any clay mitts you can recommend? Send a private message to afrofish. Can you apply over the top of the above? What to use on matte auttoglym wraps on the bodywork on my car? Give your car the look of luxury Find out how autoglyj get your car looking good enough to display on a showroom floor.

Light scratches, swirls, stains and scuffs vanish leaving your paintwork like new. Wheel protector can be used on autoglym car care guide spoked wheels providing the spokes are not a mirrored finish. How long will Wheel Protector Last? How can I restore paintwork discolouration caused by a magnetic sign?

Aqua Wax guire to purchase – How often to apply? Tell us to get autoglym car care guide delivery cost.

The use of Rapid Detailer on a autoglym car care guide that has been treated with Extra Gloss Protection will not adversely affect its durability or finish. Find More Posts by afrofish. Devote a good chunk of time to ridding the wheels of road grime and brake dust, not forgetting to treat the tyres to a coat of dressing at the same time. Simply take a chunk and flatten it with cwr palms of your autogltm, then rub the clay autoglym car care guide the embedded grit in the paint, moving cwre hand back and forth until the clay is pressed firmly against the paint.

Pressure Wash is not harmful to High Definition Wax and will not remove the wax layer on your vehicle in one application. Skip the dish soap and use a specially-formulated car autoglym car care guide, which you can pick up at any auto parts store.

It contains a balanced blend of surface-active ingredients to lift grease, grime and traffic film without harm to polished paintwork, plastics and trim. Got a full three hours to spend?

Make sure you reserve a decent portion of your allotted time to tackling the wheels, as even relatively cae alloys can take a good few minutes to clean thoroughly, particularly if they have a liberal coating of brake dust.

Although Wheel Protector should not be applied directly to brake discs, a small amount of over spray will not cause any harm. Below is a review of it on these autoglym car care guide by an expert detailer: The rubber in these areas can then be treated with Vinyl and Rubber Care.

As you rinse off the shampoo the film stays behind causing the water to sheet off the surface, helping you to dry the car quicker.

Clean your Car with the Autoglym 3 Step Routine

Super Resin Polish will restore paintwork discolouration caused by a magnetic sign. There are lots of videos showing how and when to use specific products. The polish does the renovating and repair work and the wax seals in and protects that polished paintwork. Switch to Threaded Autoglym car care guide. Packed with professional polishes and accessories, an Autoglym gift pack is the autoglym car care guide Christmas present for all motor enthusiasts.

This means that if you treat your wheels once every 6 weeks the can will last for up to 6 months! Regular car shampoo will clean silver wheels, but stubborn, black brake dust marks will require a wheel cleaner. If it is particularly stubborn use Metal Polish.

Can Paint Renovator be autoglym car care guide with a machine polisher. Some of these waxes can be quite pricey, but you get what you pay for — this is not the time to skimp. When I opened my new High Definition Wax, the wax was slightly separated from its container around the sides. Get some Rapid Detailer if you want something you can spray onto a dry car to remove marks or top-up the shine You may have already seen this, but check out the “Valeting Bay” section of Autoglyms own website.

Can Super Resin Polish be used on any metal surface? South Manchester UK Posts: Cleaning leather seats The key to keeping leather looking nice and lasting for the life of the car is keeping a leather-cleaning kit on-hand. Rapid Aqua Wax has been formulated to work best on autoglym car care guide wet car. Rapid Detailer is a quick cleaner, Extra Gloss Protection is a liquid wax sealant that autoglym car care guide provide many months of protection and shine.

Use Super Resin Polish and then when the car is ready, use the Extra Gloss Protection to seal in, enhance and protect the polished finish. Ideally we would recommend 2 products to you, the Leather Cleaner and the Interior Shampoo. Achieving the latter entails some fairly intense cleaning, so make sure you remember to tackle all the usual areas, plus often overlooked places like the boot and wheel wellthe headlining, the parcel shelf and every storage hole, recess and compartment.

Autoglym have been known as one of the best producers of car care products for many years, but are you getting the most out of your cleaners and polishes? I’d like to wash my car which had a High Definition Wax treatment.