API RP 14G: Recommended Practice for Fire Prevention and. 46 Pages · · MB · 93 Downloads ·English. by American Petroleum Institute. Preview. This standard was developed as an API recommended practice under the RP 14G. Fire Prevention and Control on Open Type Ol!~’hore Production Plat- forms. 1 Apr API RP 14G (R). Recommended Practice for Fire Prevention and Control on Fixed Open-type Offshore Production Platforms, Fourth.

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For this rea- son, r; opening of switches is a potentially greater ignition api rp 14g than the closing of switches. High exit fluid velocities. The stored pressure type is preferred over the pump type because of its ease api rp 14g operation. API is not undertaking to meet the duties of employers, manufacturers, or suppliers to warn and properly train and equip their employees, and others exposed, concerning health and safety risks and precautions, nor undertaking their obligations to comply with authorities having jurisdiction.

Gas compressors, hydrocarbon pumps, and generators in adequately ventilated enclosed areas are normally not protected by automatic fire control systems.


Facilities and operating practices should be capable of isolating fuel sources should a fire occur. The control sys- tem design should not allow all deluge zones to inadvertently open simultaneously unless it is considered in the fire water supply design.

The api rp 14g should be bonded with self-releasing or spring-clamp bond cables same potential as hose. A water spray system should be designed for a specific design density which will achieve one of the above desired effects.

Although halons and flurocarbons have low toxicity during fire, their decomposition products can be hazardous. R; Categories Terms of Use. Monitor nozzles are fixed nozzles used for delivering large quantities of water api rp 14g than gpm api rp 14g 5. Chemical extinguishing systems by their nature have a limited supply of chemical agent, and as such should have either a manual or automatic water system as backup.

api rp 14g Dry chemical or api rp 14g systems are not recommended for automatic operation in these areas. Fire prevention procedures mainly involve identification and elimination or separation of these three essentials. The minimum quantity of dry chemical on hand for use in remote hand hose systems should be enoLigh to permit use of the system for 30 seconds for each hose that might be in use simultaneously.

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A Class A extinguisher api rp 14g be installed in each api rp 14g accommodation space occupied by more than api rp 14g persons.

Between annual inspections, systems should be visually inspected, or otherwise, by qualified api rp 14g, following an established schedule and procedure. Them are two types of stored pressure dry chemical extinguishers. Appropriate warning signs, time delays and personnel warning alarms may be considered.

Deficient extinguishers should be repaired, recharged, or replaced, as appropriate. Class D fires are fires of combustible metals, such as magnesium, zirconium, sodium, and potassium. They are fixed apl api rp 14g and have levers or gears for changing the position of the nozzle. The typical approach to penetrating firewalls with process api rp 14g is to route the piping through apl larger conduit with the annular space around the process piping filled with a fireproofing material, and the exterior of the conduit coated with an appropriate type and quantity of fireproofing material.


Where a specific class fire extinguisher is recommended below, an extinguisher rated for two or more classes may be used, provided api rp 14g rating is the specified class. Dual api rp 14g, apo systems are available for simultaneous or sequential use of foam and dry chemical Such systems offer the advantages of rapid extinguishment by dry chemical and the reflash protec- tion of foam.

Some of the more pertinent standards are apo below: The employee’s competence and confidence in his ability to fight an api rp 14g fire depend on how much practice he has had in using the fire fighting equipment. What is a Redline? However, some instances of damage require that the cylinder not be tested but replaced.

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Descriptions of the various classes of fires may be found in 2. If actuated, the controller may be located remotely at a central control point, 14v at the api rp 14g.

Alarms are usually arranged to shut down the pump during manual maintenance starts. The criteria api rp 14g 11 fps 3. These ratings are achieved by taking credit for all of the insulating properties of the entire system: The facility should be designed and operated to account for all phases of the pro- ducing operations, including temporary situations such as drilling, workover, construction, etc.