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These rockets were produced in Valjevo in Serbia.

The indictment said Gurbeta ordered Binas workers to disassemble fuses from bodies of rifle grenades that arrived for destruction and to imprint type, name and year of production on them to make them look new. Clerks from the Ministry of Interior of the Sarajevo Canton could not find a request from Pretis to transport fuses for rockets to Bugojno and back in Others would then disassemble the body that could no longer explode.

Most Binas workers are on huskkic.

However, Binas got a permission from the Ministry of Interior of the Central Bosnia Canton for transport of only one part of these explosives to Sarajevo, while for 6, grenade launchers and 6, fuses were not covered by the permission. However, sometimes even experienced workers could not recognize ammunition and explosive devices that they were supposed aem disassemble.

Workers on a Powder Keg

Instead of being wired to a Binas bank account, as prescribed by wdem, the cash was handed over to a Binas teller. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. They would come to work rested and healthy, and they got a lot of milk to cleanse their body of toxins. The most experienced workers were stationed at the beginning of the chain, where fuses were separated from the body of the rocket.

In addition to destruction, they were also producing weapons for Egypt and Turkey. The indictment says 16, fuses and 13, complete rockets were delivered from Binas to Pretis. Energy Prospects in BiH. Police must give permission for transport of hazardous materials and may provide escort. Hkskic in Bugojno is storing someexplosive devices in warehouses, some in very bad condition.

According to the contract, Binas was supposed to manufacture and deliver 30, new fuses for rifle rockets to Pretis. They were transported on the road from Bugojno to Sarajevo past several towns and settlements. Director Gurbeta told workers not to destroy material but to disassemble it, so that brass, aluminum and iron could be sold to scrap metal dealers. After it had arrived from military warehouses, ammunition was not stored in warehouses nor was it recorded as having arrived, as safety regulations call for.

He said he did dangerous jobs under threat of dismissal. Instead, ade, was immediately transported to the ordnance range, according to the indictment. Aboutexplosive devices taken huskid military warehouses five years ago await destruction. For years Binas has lost money; workers often went on strike because of irregular salaries, and the company did not pay their health and retirement husklc.

He called statements about his endangering workers ludicrous. A report from the Ministry of Defense huskicc destruction of extra ammunition states that TNT and gunpowder could pose a security threat if criminal or terrorist organizations adek hold of them. For years Gurbeta delayed ammunition destruction, although he took money from the budget for it, reads the indictment. But, in reality, it was a thinly veiled threat. He told the reporters he did not know what he was transporting.

Adem Huskic (born ), politician | Prabook

His voice changes, a tear leaks from his left eye. Workers on a Powder Keg Friday July 26th, However, ordnances that he found at the location were not safe and he proposed their immediate destruction.

With this eye he can only see shapes. Who will feed my children? He said that on several occasions in complete rockets or only fuses were delivered to Pretis.

The workers said that Gurbeta normally did not issue any official orders, but that they talked amongst themselves about it.

According to his statement, the workers were in danger because of gunpowder fumes caused by burning. A statement from a Pretis driver shows that that company in Vogosca also did not pay attention to worker safety either. Explosive Devices Disappeared in a Fictitious Report. Your email address will not be published.

Two explosives experts from Binas said in statements to investigators that employees risked their lives and health.

| Adem Huskic | Free Listening on SoundCloud

On Trial for Weapons Destruction. Arraignment for Defendants in Case of Weapon Destruction. Binas workers had no documentation describing how they were made. He lost his right eye entirely. Considering that they rarely received salary, this was presented to them as an opportunity to make money. Workers had protective equipment, including cotton suits which did not cause dangerous static electricity. He got stuck on one part he could not disassemble, so he tried to saw through it.

From military warehouses it received airplane rockets, rifle grenades, rockets for handheld launchers, hand grenades, various fuses and other explosive devices.

The signatory of such an order would have to take responsibility, if a problem were to occur.

Binas, a pre-war producer of fuses for weapons, is losing money today. Alternately they would move from production to disassembling old ammunition, which is against standard practice that requires workers to concentrate on only one task.

It company used to be one of the biggest producers of fuses for weapons in former Yugoslavia, but after the war it was producing nothing. Nevertheless, they came to work and made a disassembly chain.

In Novemberthey received some ammunition from a military warehouse at Brizjak near Vitez that was marked for destruction.