A Short Textbook of Psychiatry [Niraj Ahuja] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Aims to provide an account of the psychiatric disorders and. Read A Short Textbook Of Psychiatry book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery on qualified by Ahuja (Author). out of 5 stars A Short Textbook of Psychiatry has 6 ratings and 0 reviews. Table of Contents Diagnosis and Classification in Psychiatry Psychiatric History and Examinat.

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The hallucinations can be in the auditory, visual, olfactory, gustatory or tactile domains. Usually the patients realise that the hallucinations are not real but sometimes there may be a delusional elaboration of hallucinations.

The most typical form of multi-infarct dementia is characterised by the textboo features: This model can be combined with any other model mentioned here.

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The aetiology of delirium demonstrates a threshold phenomenon, with a combination of factors adding up to cross a threshold for causing delirium, which appears to be different for each individual.

Ease of availability of alcohol and drugs iv. Benzodiazepine or sedative-hypnotic use disor- der can be either iatrogenic or originating with illicit dmg use. Psychosocial rehabilitation Rehabilitation is an integral part of the multi-modal treatment of alcohol dependence.

Herpes simplex encephalitis 9. Prompt treatment can reverse the dementing process and can lead a short textbook of psychiatry niraj ahuja complete recovery if the treatment is started within two years of the onset of dementia.

Physical dependence with tolerance and with- drawal symptoms. FF09 Organic, Including Symptomatic, Mental Disorders, such as delirium, dementia, organic am- nestic syndrome, and other organic mental disorders.

FF29 Schizophrenia, Schizotypal and Delusional Disorders, such as schizophrenia, schizotypal dis- order, persistent delusional disorders, acute and transient psychotic disorders, induced delusional disorder, and schizo-affective disorders.

In severe intoxication, mydriasis may occur due to hypoxia. Precipitating factors include life stressors. Food fads; alcohol; tobacco; drugs; sleep. Assessment of social support system. A Cranial CT scan can show cortical atrophy months before a short textbook of psychiatry niraj ahuja onset of clinical dementia while MRI scan is helpful in detecting the white matter lesions. In addition, vitamins should also be administered. Higher resolution than CT scan.

Recently, ICD has also brought out its own multi- axial classification version see Table 1. Sleep Disorders Concerns regarding personal autonomy viii. There is a widespread demy- elination of corpus callosum, optic tracts and cerebel- lar peduncles. This should be followed by oral administration of vitamin Bi for at least 6 months. Carcinoma pancreas depressionSLE, pernicious anaemia, temporal arteritis depres- anujacarcinoid syndrome mania.

Those due to a known organic cause. Cloninger has classified alcoholism into two types, on the basis of the relative importance of genetic and environmental factors Table 4.

The treatment of withdrawal syndrome is usually conservative.

Niraj Ahuja A Short Textbook Of Psychiatry 20th Year Edition Jaypee Brothers Med. Pub. ( 2010)

General appearance The important points to be noted are: According to our present knowledge, there are broadly three types of psychiatric disorders: Test for reading and writing; Use simple tests of calculation. Psychiatric History and Examination Table 2. Textboook increasing intoxication, there is increased reac- tion time, slowed thinking, distractibility and poor motor control.

To aid prediction of the prognosis of psychiatric disorders. It should be noted whether the family is a nuclear, extended nuclear or joint family. The management of withdrawal syndrome is usually the first step towards successful management of amphetamine dependence.

I hope you enjoy reading the book and I psycniatry welcome critical comments and constructive suggestions. IV propranolol, a specific antagonist of cocaine- induced sympathomimetic effects, can be helpful, administered by a specialist.

Patient often emphasises achievements Patient often emphasises disability 3. It is different from intellec- tual insight in that the awareness leads to significant basic changes in the future behaviour. Lesions involving limbic system e. In sensitive patients or in those who have ingested a large amount of alcohol, DER a short textbook of psychiatry niraj ahuja be very severe and life threatening due to one or a short textbook of psychiatry niraj ahuja of the following: These formats should be used whenever appropriate.

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Carphologia or floccillation picking movements at cover-sheets and clothes4. These are listed in Table 4.

Disulfiram tetraethyl thiuram disulfide was dis- covered in s, when it was observed that workers in the rubber industry developed unpleasant reactions to alcohol intake, due to accidental absorption of antioxidant disulfiram.